31 JUL

Poker Run to Benefit St Jude Children's Hospital

Wurtsboro, New York


Summertime Bikes & Blues Festival

Freeport, Texas

24 SEP

4th annual Running With The Daltons

Coffeyville, Kansas

Open-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Open-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Open face helmets have always been extremely popular among cruiser motorcycle riders. The main benefit of an open-face motorcycle helmet is that it allows the riders to feel the wind on their face while providing protection to their head. These helmets are available in three basic designs: half-helmets, flip-up and three quarter. Half helmets and beanie-styles are similar, protecting only the cranium. The open-face three-quarter motorcycle helmet design offers the highest level of protection, covering the rider's cranium, ears and jawbone. It's highly recommended to supplement eye protection by wearing goggles or adding a face shield.

There are numerous companies on the market that produce high quality open-face helmets for cruising enthusiasts. Whatever your choice may be, make sure you take into consideration every aspect of a helmet as you are probably going to be wearing it quite often. The helmet you want to purchase should feel comfy, be safe and make you look good. Always try it on and wear it for a while if possible. Make sure it doesn't move around on your head of face. Shake your head up and down and from one side to another. Be sure the helmet is your size an has a DOT certification.