31 JUL

Poker Run to Benefit St Jude Children's Hospital

Wurtsboro, New York


Summertime Bikes & Blues Festival

Freeport, Texas

24 SEP

4th annual Running With The Daltons

Coffeyville, Kansas

Helmet Fitting Guide

Helmet Fitting Guide

To help you choose the best motorcycle helmet for you, we've provided you with a series of steps below to ensure proper motorcycle helmet fit.

  • Utilize a motorcycle helmet manufacturer's fitting chart and measuring tape.
  • Find the corresponding motorcycle helmet size category: small, medium, large, extra large.
  • Widen the helmet by tugging chin straps outward and place it over your head.
  • Keep in mind that the helmet should fit snugly and comfortably on your head.
  • Make sure the helmet rests tightly against your forehead--you should not be able to wedge your thumb between the helmet and your forehead.
  • Adjust and fasten the chin strap, but don't allow it to cinch your neck.
  • Give your head a shake to ensure that the helmet does not shift around or slide off your head.
  • Mount your motorcycle in riding position--the top of the helmet should not affect your vision. Along with clear vertical vision, you should have 100% vision to your left and right (motorcycle helmet manufacturers are required by law to account for lateral vision).
  • If you wear glasses while riding, make sure the helmet fits properly over and around them.
  • Press down on the top of the motorcycle helmet. Hold it down and make certain the helmet feels comfortable and surrounds your whole head.
  • Lastly, check for all additional comfort, convenience and motorcycle helmet safety features before taking your motorcycle for a ride.