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Wurtsboro, New York


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Freeport, Texas

24 SEP

4th annual Running With The Daltons

Coffeyville, Kansas

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing a helmet while driving or riding your motorcycle is not only crucial but also required by law in most states. The type of motorcycle you ride has a huge impact on the style of helmet you select. Bikers who enjoy dirt biking, motocross or speed bikes in general put themselves at a great risk of falling. If doing dirt riding is your thing then a full-face helmet may be your best bet.

Full face motorcycle helmets come with a large number of benefits and complete enclosure of your face is probably the most important. Unlike street helmets, dirt bike motorcycle helmets usually have a large shade bill over the view port. You still get a lot of style and comfort with a face helmet. Dirt motorcycle helmets that have a full-face design feature an opening where the user can wear protective goggles or sunglasses. The opening will keep the rider dry and cool at all times. Most dirt motorcycle helmets feature a baseball cap type visor. Cushions and pads are inserted to keep the helmet in place and absorb all impacts. The only downside with full-face motorcycle helmets is that they can easily get foggy and warm.

There are numerous brands that offer full face motorcycle helmets for dirt riding. Make sure you choose wisely and drive safe!